Wounded Warriors

The Wounded Warrior Project is a program designed to help soldiers who have been injured in the line of duty while bravely sacrificing themselves in the Middle East and Afghanistan. It is the goal of those involved in this endeavor to provide these extraordinary men and women with a positive memorable experience.

For the past couple of years, many soldiers were able to participate in a ski program at Windham Mountain as well as a summer water skiing program in The Rockaways. Soldiers have been able to join in fun filled activites such as water skiing, wake boarding, fishing, jet skiing, sailing, scuba diving, and perhaps more importantly engage in a weekend of lasting tribute from a grateful nation.

FDNY members of E231 L120 and Bn44 were made aware of this effort at the annual Christmas party from Flip Mullin (L120 Ret) who reached out to the members past and present for financial help. The reaction from “the brothers” was met with the typical “what else can we do” mind-set and thus the ball started rolling. Today, the Wounded Warrior Project is an all hands effort that has grown larger than anyone could have imagined. This project is not only a stunning tribute to our Armed Services, but reinforces all that is right within the human spirit.

Watkins Street is proud to help these veterans enjoy a weekend of skiing in the winter and water skiing in the summer as a very small token of our appreciation for the sacrifices they have made in the name of freedom. The current members have rallied around this cause and strive to ensure that the present generation will do its part to uphold the traditions established before us. Such an act is consistent with the high standards and pride achieved by its members for all those years and emblematic of the “Watkins Street” motto, “The Tradition Continues.”