Fathers and Sons

Watkins Street has a vast history. Many fathers have watched proudly as their sons have followed in their footsteps to add credence to our motto,

“The Tradition Continues….




Captain Marty Coyne L120 (9/10/1988)

Captain Marty Coyne
L120 (9/10/1988)

Lt Scott Coyne E231 (

Lt Scott Coyne
E231 (


FF David M. Fenton
E231 (07/24/1976)

FF Darren Fenton
E231 (09/13/2006)


Lt. James J. Cummings
L120 (10/29/1966)

FF Michael P. Cummings
L120 (01/26/1985)


Captain Edward V. Wetzel
E231 (06/16/1952)

FF Daniel Wetzel
E231 (07/09/1993)


FF George W. Guinan 4th
E231& (01/23/1960)

FF George W. Guinan 5th
E231& (04/07/1979)


BC Allen D. Hay
Bn44& (10/29/1960)

FF Allen S. Hay
L120& (12/19/1981)

FF Steven D. Hay
L120 (02/27/2007 )

Lt. Thomas F. Healy
L120 (12/08/1984)

FF Thomas F. Healy Jr.
L120 (03/24/2001)


FF Louis Monteleone
L120 (07/11/1970)

FF Daniel Monteleone
L120 (12/27/2005)


BC James A.P. Quealy
Bn44 (09/02/1972)

FF John Quealy
L120 (12/07/1992)


BC Robert J. Brown
Bn44 (07/22/1995)

Lt. Robert J. Brown Jr.
L120 ( 03/11/2007 )


FF Howard S.P. Schneider
E231 (10/19/1963)

FF Donald Schneider
L120 (03/02/1994)


FF Winston Lawrence
L120 (02/26/1977)

FF Trevor Lawrence
E231 (12/27/2005)


FF John McNamara
E231 (01/08/1978)

FF Ryan McNamara
E231 (12/27/2005)


FF Norman Kalish
E231 (10/26/1968)

FF Michael Kalish
E231 (07/23/1996)


Captain James A. Killen
L120 (12/31/1939)

FF James E. Killen
L120 (06/12/1965)



FF Anthony R. Martucci
L120 (09/16/1945)


FF Anthony R. Martucci Jr.
E231 (11/22/1975)